20 Years of Research

Since 1993 RainmakerThinking, Inc. has been a leader in research on management and the workplace. Based on thousands of in-depth interviews, as well as focus groups, polls, and surveys including hundreds of thousands of respondents, our research is the foundation of 19 books, dozens of white papers and thousands of presentations and articles.  Our work has also been featured and cited in thousands of news stories around the world.

"Bruce Tulgan's presentation to our partners was most successful...he held them spellbound for two and a half hours..."
Managing Partner, Deloitte Consulting

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Millennials in the Workplace

They’re here!  By 2020 Millennials will make up 50% of the workforce, outnumbering the remaining Baby Boomers by more than 2 to 1.  Bruce Tulgan and RainmakerThinking, Inc. have been the leading experts on young people in the workplace since 1993.  We provide keynotes, training, consulting and research on all aspects of managing and developing young talent including:

Staffing strategy
Attraction and selection
On-boarding and up-to-speed training
The soft skills gap
0-5 year employee retention


and coming soon….