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RainmakerThinking, Inc. is a management research, training and consulting firm and the leading authority on generational issues in the workplace, founded and run by best-selling author and internationally recognized management expert Bruce Tulgan. Since 1993, our research has included hundreds of thousands of participants from hundreds of organizations in a wide range of industries.

Based on this ongoing research, we have provided speaking, assessment, training, and consulting services for more than 300 different organizations.


Experience  our new video-based, automated, & continuous online training program for managers and employees : The best training material from Bruce and RainmakerThinking, Inc. is available on a low cost social learning video platform delivered to desktops and mobile devices at RainmakerThinking.Training.


"Bruce Tulgan offers down-to- earth, practicable and actionable answers."
Gregg Edwards, Chief People Officer, Asante Health System

Recent News

Bruce Tulgan and RainmakerThinking, Inc. have produced hundreds of articles, and have been the subject or source for thousands of news stories around the world.


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