20 Years of Research

Since 1993 RainmakerThinking, Inc. has been a leader in research on management and the workplace. Based on thousands of in-depth interviews, as well as focus groups, polls, and surveys including hundreds of thousands of respondents, our research is the foundation of 19 books, dozens of white papers and thousands of presentations and articles.  Our work has also been featured and cited in thousands of news stories around the world.

"Bruce Tulgan was the original voice of reason about how to manage the next generation of leadership.  In his latest book, The 27 Challenges Managers Face, he provides an immensely insightful yet practical guide for managers of any generation.  Bruce has always based his work on years of careful research, thousands of interviews and focus studies, and deep experience coaching managers from the front lines of fast food, to the officers of the elite US military.  He writes as he speaks; pulls no punches, is immensely entertaining, and always leaves his audience better prepared to succeed as managers."
Joni Thomas Doolin, Founder & CEO, People Report

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Quick Facts

  • Founded by Bruce Tulgan in 1993.
  • Trained hundreds of thousands of leaders and managers in over 300 organizations from Amex to Walmart and AARP to YMCA.
  • Published 19 books  in dozens of countries.
  • Bruce received the 2009 Golden Gavel awarded by Toastmasters International  to just one recipient each year. Past winners include Tony Robbins, Stephen Covey, Marcus Buckingham, Ken Blanchard, Tom Peters, Dinah Shore and Walter Cronkite.
  • Located in New Haven, CT