The Art of Being Indispensable at Work

“In tight post-crisis workplaces, being someone dependable and skilled is going to become evermore important. Tulgan’s book is timely, relevant and appealing.”–Financial Times

What’s the secret to being indispensable in today’s workplace?

In today’s high collaboration workplace, where you must deal with people up, down, sideways, and diagonal, the Go-to Person is the closest thing to indispensable.


  • make themselves incredibly valuable to others;
  • maintain an attitude of service;
  • are great at their jobs;
  • take personal responsibility for getting the right things done;
  • and build great working relationships every step of the way.

To do all those things consistently and add value in most every interaction, the secret is recognizing that overcommitment is the enemy. If you want to remain a true Go-to Person, for the long run, you must beat overcommitment syndrome.

In this game-changing yet practical book, talent guru and bestselling author Bruce Tulgan reveals the secrets of the Go-to Person in our new world of work. Based on an intensive study of people at all levels, in all kinds of organizations, Tulgan shows how Go-to People not only behave differently, but also think differently, basing their decisions and actions on their own personal influence rather than on any formal designation of authority.

This book will teach you how to:

  • Understand the peculiar mathematics of real influence vs. false influence
  • Lead from wherever you are—align up and down the chain-of-command
  • Make good choices—learn when to say ‘no’ or ‘not yet,’ and how to say ‘yes’
  • Work smart—professionalize everything you do, specialize in what you do best, and steadily expand your repertoire
  • Finish what you start—don’t pretend to juggle; eat one bite of the elephant, chew and swallow
  • Keep getting better and better at working together—it’s not personal, it’s not politics; it’s business
  • Be a Go-to Person, find Go-to People wherever you need them, and build up new Go-to People whenever you have the chance

It’s what Tulgan calls, Go-to-ism: aka, the art of being indispensable at work. Spread the word. Or try to keep a secret. But you won’t be able to… because people will notice… and they will want to do what you are doing. It could reshape your team… or the whole corporate culture. Who knows? It could even become a movement.

Tulgan provides a new must-read guidebook for succeeding in today’s high collaboration workplace in which lines of authority are so often unclear. It’s the new How to Win Friends and Influence People for the 2020s.




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