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The Great Generational Shift—2020 Edition

The Great Generational Shift has affected, and will continue to affect, everyone. 2020 presents a whole new set of challenges for employers and leaders at all levels.

Winning the Talent Wars: Build a Winning Culture That Attracts and Retains the Best

With such fierce competition for the top talent in today’s labor market, many employers find themselves scrambling. Learn the five steps toward giving your company the culture edge it needs to attract and retain the best.

The Undermanagement Epidemic Report 2019

It may seem like management is ever-present. But what is missing in most workplaces is the human element of management: managers providing direct reports with the guidance, direction, support and coaching that they need to succeed.

The Voice of Generation Z: What Post-Millennials Are Saying About Work

GEN Z (b.1995-2002) are arguably the first true digital natives in the workplace. But that doesn’t mean they only want to interact with screens.

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Fight the Undermanagement Epidemic (excerpt): Managing By Interruption

It’s Okay To Be The Boss (excerpt): Make Accountability a Process, Not a Slogan

The Great Generational Shift (excerpt): Two Types of Millennials

It’s Okay To Manage Your Boss (excerpt): The Four Things Employees Need From Their Bosses

Winning The Talent Wars (excerpt): Challenges Facing Today’s Leaders

The 27 Challenges Managers Face (excerpt): The Myth of Empowerment