Talent Attraction, Retention, & Development

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Winning the Talent Wars

Employers are facing more severe talent shortages than any time since we began our workplace research in 1993. The most acute factors will ebb with time. But there will be lasting echoes. While many people left their jobs during the Covid-19 pandemic, many others stayed in place waiting for the right time to leave. As hiring soars to record levels in the post-pandemic era, quit rates are also soaring as pent-up departure demand is released.
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Bridging the Soft Skills Gap

Today’s young talent comes to work with strong technical skills and knowledge, but employers often complain that they are lacking in the soft skills. The good news is that just like the hard skills, soft skills can be taught and coached by managers. Get the leaders in your organization thinking about concrete ways they can improve the soft skills of the young talent on their teams.
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Building New Leaders

Today’s best young talent are seeking employers who offer clear development opportunities that will help them grow in their careers. Set your organization apart by giving your managers the tools and insights they need to effectively coach and mentor first-time leaders.
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