Generational Shift in the Workplace

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The Great Generational Shift

Boomers are leaving, Millennials are flooding in, and Gen Xers are caught in the middle. The Great Generational Shift unfolding today presents a whole new set of challenges for employers, employees, and managers. Get the latest insights from RainmakerThinking’s ongoing research to understand how the shift affects the people in your organization.
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Not Everyone Gets a Trophy

Separate the facts from the myths. Millennials and Gen Zers are NOT delicate, lazy, disrespectful, slackers. Get the real story about young employees today and better recruit, train, engage, develop, and motivate today’s best young talent.
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Bridging the Soft Skills Gap

Today’s young talent comes to work with strong technical skills and knowledge, but employers often complain that they are lacking in the soft skills. The good news is that just like the hard skills, soft skills can be taught and coached by managers. Get the leaders in your organization thinking about concrete ways they can improve the soft skills of the young talent on their teams.
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