Winning the Talent Wars: How to Hire and Retain the New Hybrid Workforce

A revised, updated guide to human capital management for the emerging “real new economy.”


In the post-pandemic era, talented workers will be in greater demand than supply. In-demand workers expect hybrid, flexible work and no longer seek job security from one company. This is the hallmark of the new economy—a hybrid, free-agent workforce with the agility to jolt productivity. Managers, meanwhile, seek to secure this shifting group of talent and squeeze more work out of them than ever before, particularly in a tight economy. The trouble is their traditional source of power over employees—the corporate ladder—is dead and gone.


Using examples from his decades consulting for organizations including the United States Army, Deloitte, Prudential, and Walmart, leadership guru Bruce Tulgan reveals how the most effective organizations are replacing obsolete recruitment and retention efforts with breakthrough solutions. “Tulgan’s smart, crisp, light-handed prose makes his radical notions sound downright commonsensical,” says Fortune magazine. Those ideas are the secret weapon of today’s most successful, creative managers.


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