It’s Okay To Manage Your Boss

Wherever you work, you rely on your immediate boss for meeting your needs at work – no other relationship is as important to your career success. Yet few of us know how to get the best out of the most important person in our work lives.

In It’s Okay to Manage Your Boss, Bruce Tulgan challenges you to take responsibility for your role in every management relationship. Based on ongoing research started in 1993, Tulgan reveals the four essential things you should get from your boss to succeed at work:

  • Clearly spelled-out and reasonable expectations
  • The skills, tools, and resources you need to accomplish those expectations
  • Honest feedback about your performance and course-correcting direction when necessary
  • Proper recognition and rewards in exchange for your performance

This back-to-basics unconventional approach to managing up will help you build highly engaged working relationships with your boss, and deal with complex authority relationships at every level and in any workplace.

Go ahead – it’s okay to manage your boss…you just have to be very good at it. Learn in this step-by-step book.

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