Your presentation was absolutely outstanding! Several people told me you were the BEST Keynote Speaker we have ever had!
Jan Woodman, Executive Director, The New England Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association

Research Services and Assessments

Since 1993, RainmakerThinking, Inc.® has conducted in-depth longitudinal interviews, focus groups and surveys including hundreds of thousands of managers and employees at all levels in organizations of all sizes in every industry. Our ongoing research provides all of the content for Bruce Tulgan’s best-selling books, keynotes, and workshops.

RainmakerThinking, Inc. provides custom research solutions for organizations looking to mine the rich knowledge and perspectives of your own workforce.

We specialize in qualitative research that leads to actionable information leading directly to step-by-step improvements in staffing, hiring, on-boarding, training, performance management, rewards, incentives, retention, knowledge transfer, leadership development and succession planning.


Organizational Leadership-Culture Survey: The EngagedManagement Index

RainmakerThinking’s organizational leadership-culture survey,  The EngagedManagement Index assessment gives senior executives and HR leaders an analysis of your organization’s mindset, practices, skills, habits and traditions when it comes to the conduct of management and supervisory relationships when it comes to the fundamentals of management.  This survey research instrument measures your organization’s overall “leadership-culture” by testing responses regarding the 18 best practices followed by the most effective managers, based on 21 years of extensive workplace research by RainmakerThinking, Inc. ®. Once data is collected, RainmakerThinking will prepare a detailed report and analysis, revealing key strengths as well as areas of opportunity and key recommendations.