Your presentation was one of the BEST presentations I’ve seen in my entire Agency career.
James L. Pavitt, Deputy Director of Operations (1999-2004), Central Intelligence Agency

About RainmakerThinking, Inc.

RainmakerThinking, Inc. is a management research, training and consulting firm and the leading authority on generational issues in the workplace, founded in 1993 by best-selling author Bruce Tulgan.

We continue to pursue three ongoing longitudinal studies:
The Generational Shift in the Workforce (since 1993): Monitoring the impact of generational change.
Leadership, Management, and Supervision (since 1995): Cataloguing management challenges and the best tools and techniques for solving those challenges.
Human Capital Management (since 1997): Cataloguing best practices in staffing, recruiting, selection, performance management, rewards, retention, succession planning, and leadership development.
Hundreds of thousands of individuals have participated in our research since 1993.

Based on this ongoing research, we have provided assessment, training, and consulting services for more than 300 different organizations ranging from the United States Army to Wal-Mart and Bruce has delivered thousands of keynotes and seminars, produced twenty books, hundreds of articles, and been the subject or source for thousands of news stories around the world.