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Organizational Development Advisory Services

Bruce provides executive level advice in the following areas of human capital management:

  • Strategies and tactics to meet staffing challenges
  • Effective employee recruiting campaigns
  • Improved employee selection practices
  • Cutting edge employee orientation programs
  • Employee training and development
  • Performance management
  • Tying rewards and incentives more closely to performance
  • Retaining high performers and increasing turnover among low performers
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Leadership development


Bruce Tulgan works closely with executive level leaders in a handful of organizations on an in-depth basis to provide organizational and leadership development advisory services. We limit our deep-dive engagements to two or three clients at a time simply due to Bruce’s own capacity – both in terms of lmited available time and also brain-space. We are a boutique consulting firm, so we don’t send in a small army of consultants with laptops. Instead, our clients get Bruce himself – an internationally recognized thought leader on human capital management – his decades of experience, his ability to collect meaningful data from interviews and focus groups, his interpretations and insight, and his seasoned judgment. Our clients utilize Bruce because of his ability to cut through the clutter, get to the important information, identify risks and opportunities, and influence people – to change how they think and to transform their behavior. Bruce is 100% involved in every deep-dive client engagement with the support of our client service team every step of the way.

The Process

Our process begins with a comprehensive organizational assessment utilizing a series of our proprietary instruments, as well as focus groups, one-on-one interviews, and high-level brainstorming sessions with senior executive team members as well as HR team members. This is what we refer to as “Phase I,” which concludes with a written and in-person debrief. This work lays the groundwork, builds the relationships, and provides the road-map for professionalizing the management systems, practices, and competencies.

Phase II is where we begin to implement solutions as determined in Phase I, which usually includes making structural improvements and adjusting systems; improving communication alignment laterally as well as up and down the chain of command; and creating a laser like execution focus at all levels. Typically Bruce begins by working with the senior executive team to digest the lessons of Phase I, make decisions, set priorities, and lead the way. Once everyone is on the same page, Bruce will focus first on training the executive team and then continue working with key executives on an executive-advisory/coaching basis going forward. When the executive team members are the true champions, everything else goes much, much better. Next, we start training everybody in a leadership role at every level. Classroom training is best supplemented by selective one-on-one coaching and drill-down work with targeted teams, as well as development of customized tools where appropriate, and can also be augmented with our online video training. Throughout Phase II, as well, Bruce works closely with HR leaders and other executives on talent evaluation, structure, organization, systems, and communication alignment.

In Phase III, we continue with ongoing assessment interviews and focus-groups; ongoing follow-up training in the classroom as well as selective one-on-one coaching and drill-down work with teams.

Bruce specializes in organizations going through or anticipating a leadership transition and those seeking to pivot their culture toward greater professionalism and accountability. Such engagements are made by special retainer typically over several quarters. If you would like Bruce to help improve your organization, contact us for more information.