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Howard Jenkins, Chairman and CEO (fmr.), Publix Super Markets, Inc.
Nov 6, 2013

Meet Generation Z
The second generation within the giant “Millennial” cohort

We have been tracking young people in the workplace steadily since 1993. Since 2008, we have been tracking the emergence of Generation Z. GenZers, born in the 90s and raised in the 2000s during the most profound changes in at least a century, represent the watershed generational shift of our era. The 22-year-old members of the baccalaureate ‘Class of 2012’ were born in 1990, the first birth year of Generation Z. The bleeding edge of Generation Z (born 1990 and later; today’s 16 to 23 year olds) are already more than 11 million strong (nearly 7%) in the North American workforce and their numbers will grow dramatically over the next few years. By 2015, they will be 20 million; 25 million by 2017; 30 million by 2019.

This is the new emerging workforce and they will fill up a new “youth bubble” in the workplace in the next seven years, just as roughly 30 million aging Baby Boomers will retire. Generation Z represents the greatest generational shift the workplace has ever seen. Generation Z will present profound challenges to leaders, managers, supervisors, hr leaders, and educators in every sector of the workforce.



Top 10 Hardest Things About
Managing People

  • Not enough time.
  • Giving negative feedback.
  • Different personalities.
  • Interpersonal conflict on the team.
  • Balancing being the boss with being a friend.
  • Employees with bad attitudes.
  • Dealing with pressure and shifting priorities from my own boss and other higher ups…
  • Cumbersome lengthy process to fire.
  • Insufficient authority and discretion to reward.
  • Managing people in remote locations.



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“Compared with their forerunners over the last decade, today’s young people have much lower expectations, their expressions of confidence are much more cautious, and their demands fairly modest.”


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