Your presentation was one of the BEST presentations I’ve seen in my entire Agency career.
James L. Pavitt, Deputy Director of Operations (1999-2004), Central Intelligence Agency
Mar 1, 2016

At RainmakerThinking, we’re grateful for the leap year!

From Bruce

Happy March!

We are very grateful for that extra leap-year-day this February because we definitely needed it. Even so, 29 days was not enough!! The research never ends – interviews, focus groups, and surveys. And as usual I’ve been running all over creation – speaking and training and consulting – working with lots of great new clients and many dear old clients too. Meanwhile, we’ve got two new books out. Well… really just one brand new book, BRIDGING THE SOFT SKILLS GAP, and also a newly released revised and updated edition of NOT EVERYONE GETS A TROPHY featuring all new research on the second-wave Millennials.

And……. Drum roll please……. I’m especially pleased to announce that we have just launched my new HUFFINGTON POST column, “The Wisdom of Strong Leaders.” The very first inaugural profile in this series features Larry Lawson, Chief Executive Officer, President, Spirit AeroSystems, Inc. Check out the inaugural column and please stay tuned as we feature the wisdom of one great leader after another – actionable advice from real leaders dealing with real challenges in the real world every day.

This month, I’ll be speaking in Missouri, Connecticut, South Carolina, Toronto Canada, Arizona, and California… See you there!

Stay tuned and stay strong!


PS If you haven’t checked out our latest RainmakerThinking White Paper, “The Great Generational Shift: The Emerging Post-Boomer Workforce,” it is still available for free downloads and we are making it 100% available for republication in full or excerpted form.


Check out the links below of interviews and articles featuring our work in February. As usual, most are very “how to” oriented pieces with tips and tools and techniques. I hope you find some useful takeaways!

BIC Magazine
The Numbers Problem: Workforce 2020
Understanding Workforce 2020 can help you prepare for the future, whether you have an “age bubble” or a “youth bubble” affecting your organization. Part 1 of 3.
February 29, 2016

Journal of Accountancy
5 Books to Help You Manage Millennials
Five best books for managing Millennials, featuring Bridging the Soft Skills Gap.
February 26, 2016

Huffington Post – Wisdom of Strong Leaders Series
The Leadership Wisdom of Larry Lawson
The inaugural post in The Wisdom of Strong Leaders Series, featuring CEO of Spirit Aerosystems, Larry Lawson.
February 25, 2016

Credit Union Times
Don’t Let Shaming Stunt Your Soft Skills
Millennials are inundated with “anti-shaming” messages, which hold them back from meaningful self-evaluation. But you can manage them out of this mindset!
February 25, 2016

Hello Vancity
Not Everyone Gets a Trophy: How to Manage the Millennials
An overview of the Revised & Updated edition of Not Everyone Gets a Trophy
February 25, 2016

When You Have a Superstar You Are Going to Lose…
As a manager, what should you do when a superstar employee is absolutely leaving?
February 24, 2016

Benefits Canada
How to Support Generation Z Employees
Gen Z has different needs than previous generations – here’s how you can support them in the workplace.
February 22, 2016

Credit Union Times
Why It’s Your Fault Millennials Lack Soft Skills
Millennials may lack soft skills, but they aren’t necessarily to blame.
February 21, 2016

Positive Attitude: Being a Good Workplace Citizen
(Video) Bruce explains the basics of creating positive citizenship in your employees
February 19, 2016

Money for Lunch
Meet the Millennial Generation
Who are the Millennials, in reality? And why?
February 17, 2016

Loss Prevention Magazine
Not Everyone Gets a Trophy: Tips for Managing Millennials for the Loss Prevention Manager
Understanding the needs of young employees should be part of your professional development plan
February 16, 2016

Convenience Store News
The Great Generational Shift
What does the generational shift mean for leaders and managers?
February 15, 2016

Joint Forces Journal
Book Review: Bridging the Soft Skills Gap
A review and overview of Bridging the Soft Skills Gap
February 12, 2016

What Does the Generational Shift Mean for the Workplace?
Managing people is only going to get harder, but what exactly does that mean?
February 11, 2016

Malaysian Digest
‘Narcissistic, Overconfident, Entitled and Lazy’ – Are These Really the Attitudes of Malaysian Millennials at Work?
What’s the reality about Millennials at work? (Applicable not just to those in Malaysia!)
February 10, 2016

When You Need an Employee to Go the Extra Mile
What are the secrets to motivating good employees beyond their comfort zone?
February 9, 2016

The Challenges of Managing Superstars
Successfully managing high performers has its own hidden challenges.
February 9, 2016

Training Magazine
Defining the Power of Soft Skills: The 12 Missing Basics
What are the 12 soft skills most young employees are missing? And why are they so important anyway?
February 8, 2016

How can you hold employees accountable without rewards and consequences?
How to hold employees accountable, even with limited resources at your discretion.
February 8, 2016

The Challenges of Managing Performance
How can you balance managing the performance on the high and low ends of the employee spectrum?
February 8, 2016

Talking Business – RMIT Podcast
(Audio) Interview with Bruce Tulgan
Bruce discusses second wave Millennials and how they are transforming the workforce
February 5, 2016

Modern Workforce by Everwise
Engaging the Next Generation of America’s Workforce: Millennials
Tap into Millennials’ true values to keep them motivated at work
February 5, 2016

Invest in Developing New Employees’ Soft Skills – And Protect That Investment
How to avoid the “development investment paradox”
February 5, 2016
Transformation in the Very Nature of Employment
What it means to be an employer or employee is changing – what does that mean?
February 4, 2016



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