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Dec 17, 2013

Holiday Parties
Do you like them? Does anyone?

Well, it turns out, yes! We asked our research panel about some common workplace holiday traditions and here’s what we found out:

An overwhelming percentage of respondents from all generations are fans of the office holiday party and would like to have one this year with their current coworkers.

What if the company isn’t meeting its goals – should there still be a party? Most say “Yes.” Although a majority (62%) of the youngest people in the workplace (Generation Z, those born 1990 to 2000) said “No.” The majority of those from other generations said a simple party is fine even if the company is not meeting its goals. According to one respondent, “Holiday parties are about building camaraderie, which is needed even more if business is not meeting goals.”

Among those who like holiday parties, Generation Z is on the same page with the oldest most experienced people (pre-Boomers, born before 1946). While a majority of all generations were in favor of holding them away from the workplace during non-work hours, there was a notable generational split on that question. Boomers were almost equally split on the question, whereas, the oldest and the youngest overwhelmingly prefer a holiday party off site during non work hours.

Those who don’t like office holiday parties are, not surprisingly, very vocal in their opinion that if a party is on the calendar, management should not assume everyone wants to attend. They don’t want to feel pressured to go at all or participate in any planned activities. One respondent said, “Don’t single out those who don’t want to participate. Be respectful of their decision.”

When asked about office party Dos and Don’ts, more than half of the respondents wrote warnings against mixing alcohol with business, “Do not get drunk!” and “Coworkers never forget when an employee slips and drinks too much.” A significant percentage went so far as to say alcohol should be limited by management or not served at all.

The number one office party Do was “Have fun!” So, how? Specifically mentioned again and again was to take this time to get to know people you don’t see every day and to celebrate those you do. “Do connect with somebody you normally wouldn’t talk to at the office” and “Do take time to laugh and appreciate each other” were two of the comments. And while talking business is a big no-no, people would still like to have their efforts acknowledged. “Do provide some positive feedback on something, even if goals haven’t been met. Surely the team did something right.”

“Do celebrate accomplishments – there are always some.”


Holidays in the Workplace: Our
Parties and Gifts Survey Results

Top Three Best Secret Santa Gifts:

  • Gift Cards: Can’t go wrong.
  • (Good) Food: Make it yourself if you’re a good cook, otherwise buy gourmet chocolates.
  • Wine/liquor: Make sure your recipient drinks.

Top Three Worst Secret Santa Gifts:

  • (Bad) Food: fruitcake, really!
  • Office supplies: I can get post-its from supply.
  • Jewelry: You can barely buy jewelry for your spouse, don’t try it for a coworker.



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Thanks again. Have a strong and happy holiday season!



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From “The Office”

Pam Beesly: You do realize we can’t have liquor at the party.

Michael Scott: Yeah, I know… damnit. Stupid corporate… wet blankets. Like booze ever killed anybody.


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