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Nov 2, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving from RainmakerThinking!

From Bruce

It’s November – the month in which we celebrate Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving! We are very thankful that my new book BRIDGING THE SOFT SKILLS GAP: HOW TO TEACH THE MISSING BASICS TO TODAY’S YOUNG TALENT is still selling like hot cakes. Thank you so much to those of you who have already ordered it – especially to those of you who have already ordered it in bulk. We give thanks: Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

If you have not already ordered it, please allow me to suggest that you consider ordering the book? Thanks for considering it.

The soft skills gap is not a household term like the technical skill gap, but it should be because its impact is monumental.

Like the technical skill gap, the soft skills gap in the workforce has been developing slowly for decades. But the soft skills gap runs across the entire workforce – among workers with technical skills that are in great demand, every bit as much as workers without technical skills. What is more, the soft skills gap has gotten much worse in recent years.

I’ve asked tens of thousands of managers: “How much do these so-called ‘soft skills’ matter?” The answer is nearly universal: Soft skills matter a lot. The cliché is that people get hired because of their hard skills but people get fired because of their soft skills.

When employees have significant gaps in their soft skills there are significant negative consequences: Potentially good hires are overlooked. Good hires go bad. Bad hires go worse. Misunderstandings abound. People get distracted. Productivity goes down. Mistakes are made. Customer service suffers. Workplace conflicts occur more frequently. Good people leave when they might have otherwise stayed longer.

Those are the everyday costs of the soft skills gap. If you are experiencing these costs as a result of the soft skills gap among today’s young workforce today, then this book might be able to help you. Please do check it out.

Thank you!

From all of us here at RainmakerThinking: Happy Thanksgiving!

Stay strong!


Millennials in the Workplace

You are very careful in your recruiting, selection, and hiring process and, yet, it is getting harder and harder to figure out which young job candidates to hire. Should you hire the promising new graduate with impressive freshly minted credentials indicating valuable technical skills, even though he seems like he might be yet another new graduate lacking in some of those elusive yet critical “soft skills”?

It seems like more and more of your young new-hires are not working out. They make very little effort to “fit in.” Does every single one of them expect to be treated like a “special case”? They often don’t seem to appreciate that they are entering a pre-existing scene; joining an organization with its own mission, history, structure, rules, and culture; integrating with a group that has its own established dynamic; and engaging with individuals, each of whom has his or her own story and many of whom have been part of this scene in this organization for years on end or longer.

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Highly-Engaged Management

Why does the soft skills gap evade solutions?

There are three reasons:

First, you cannot hire your way around the soft skills gap, at least not entirely. If you are hiring for a low-supply high-demand technical-skill job, you probably won’t be able to select out all those with weak soft skills. If you are hiring for non-technical jobs, then soft skills are among the only criteria, making the demand for those with strong soft skills very high, despite the low supply.

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