Bruce Tulgan is the new Tom Peters.
Howard Jenkins, Chairman and CEO (fmr.), Publix Super Markets, Inc.
Apr 7, 2015

Happy First Anniversary .Training


I am so happy to report that it was a year ago this month we launched our all new video training platform: Since that time thousands of managers and high potential employees in dozens of industries have taken advantage of this impactful, affordable e-learning opportunity.

All of the courses at feature Bruce Tulgan delivering lessons developed from 20 years of workplace research, 20 books, and thousands of training workshops. Topics include the flagship course, It’s Okay to Be the Boss,
plus The Rising Star’s Guide to High Performance, Not Everyone Gets a Trophy: Managing the New Young Workforce, and many others.

For those of you who have brought into your organization, thank you for making our first year such a success and keep your eye out for enhanced features and courses to come. If you haven’t tried
please take a look by clicking here or call 203-772-2002 x101 for more information.

Stay strong!




Each lesson consists of a short 3-5 minute video that fits into the busiest manager’s schedule and can be viewed on any computer or mobile device. Regular email reminders let the user know when to view the next lesson. All courses take place within
a secure learning group where users can choose to use social media like tools to discuss the lessons and share real world applications.



Don’t be a Jerk Boss

In our research, we ask employees to tell us about their best and worst bosses. What are the most common “jerk boss” scenarios?

  1. The boss lets small problems slide, but then comes down like a ton of bricks when one of those small problems gets out of control and causes real damage and cost.
  2. The boss imposes his obsessive compulsive preferences on you even though there is no clear business reason.
  3. The boss starts treating you like a beck-and-call-assistant.
  4. The boss starts pretending things are up to you when they are not.
  5. The boss isn’t keeping track of what’s going on, but makes big decisions that affect everyone.
  6. The boss soft-pedals his authority until something goes terribly wrong and then becomes authoritarian when there is a strong disagreement.
  7. The boss is loud, mean or abusive.


When the Boss is Intimidating
Mean, or Abusive

Difficult Boss Course: Lesson 10



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