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Oct 1, 2015

Bridging the Soft Skills Gap is off to a great start – thank you!

From Bruce

Happy Autumn! We are thrilled that my brand new book BRIDGING THE SOFT SKILLS GAP: HOW TO TEACH THE MISSING BASICS TO TODAY’S YOUNG TALENT is off to a great start! To those of you who have already ordered it – especially to those of you who have already ordered it in bulk— thank you, thank you, thank you! Really: Thank you!!

If you have not already ordered it, may I please suggest that you consider ordering the book? Thanks for considering it.

I wrote this book because the soft skills gap continues to grow, hiding in plain sight, despite the fact that it costs organizations a fortune every day.

If you are wrestling with the soft skills gap among today’s young workforce today, then this book might have some of the answers. I do hope you will check it out.

Stay strong!



The Human Element: What Role Are You Going to Play?

If you are not an active champion of high priority soft skills behaviors in your sphere of influence and authority, then you can be sure that the young talent in your midst will not buy in. If key leaders are not walking the talk — and talking the walk — Gen Zers will simply roll their eyes at the best slogans and logos. No matter how vividly clear the messaging and training has been throughout the hiring and on-boarding process —even if key soft skill behaviors are part of their individual performance plans — if their leaders do not emulate the high priority behaviors themselves and emphasize them in their day-to-day management, Gen Zers will not believe the organization is serious. As much as they may seem to take their cues from peers or online sources, you can be sure that they will take their cues about what aspects of performance really matter from the authority figures with whom they interact most.

Sure you need to get your young employees to own their soft skills learning process and make available lots of easy to use online resources so they can pursue their own self-directed learning. But that doesn’t let you off the hook. You’ve got to spend time with them – in person whenever possible — to lead them to that purposeful self-directed learning, and you’ve got to spend time with them during the intervals between their self-directed learning sessions.

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The Soft Skills Gap: Growing Steadily from Gen X to Y to Z

Since 1993, I’ve been tracking generational change in the workplace and its impact on organizations, especially the impact on supervisory relationships. I started out as a frustrated young lawyer seeking to understand why the older more experienced lawyers were so annoyed by those of my generation, Generation X (born 1965-1977). I quickly realized that it wasn’t just the older more experienced people at my firm who were annoyed with Gen Xers. It was nearly everybody older and more experienced in workplaces of all shapes and sizes.

That’s when I started conducting in-depth interviews with young people and their managers, the original research that led to my first book, “Managing Generation X.” I formed a company to continue that research and we’ve been conducting that interview research for decades now, ever tracking the ever-emerging ever-“newer” new young workforce. By the late 1990s, we started tracking the first wave of the great Millennial cohort, what we refer to as “Generation Y” (born 1978-89). At this point, we’ve been tracking the second wave Millennials, whom we call “Generation Z” (born 1990-99), for nearly a decade now, since they first entered the workforce as teenagers in part-time jobs. Gen Zers are the newest “New Dogs” arriving in your workplace, part of the global youth tide rising now and for the foreseeable future.

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