After listening to Bruce speak, I think every HR department should listen to his talks and read his books. The most refreshing views on attracting, retaining, and motivating talented team members that I have heard in a long time.
Dough Haugh, President, Parkland USA

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Whether presenting to partner level or emerging leaders his demonstrations of management techniques are effective and can be applied immediately.

Marianne Brush, EVP, Mass Society of CPAs


First Bruce gave us permission to manage, now he tells us when and how to execute the fundamentals based upon years of experience and success.  [His work] is for the seasoned executive as well as the new manager.  It will make a lasting difference in your life and the lives of others.

L Gary Boomer, CEO, Boomer Consulting, Inc.


His… is a practical, research-based approach to managing one of an organization’s most important resources—our people. Bruce combines research and best practices to create solutions to management problems that virtually every manager faces. New and experienced managers alike will benefit from [his work.]

Tani Bialek, Director, National Learning & Professional Development, RSM, LLP


Bruce Tulgan has provided us with a back to basics and fundamentals [approach] that is packed with research and practical solutions. Most of all, Bruce’s style invites [you] to embrace management challenges, and be much better for it.

Carl George, CEO, Carl George Advisory, LLC, Clifton Gunderson LLP, CEO (1993-2009)


Bruce Tulgan continues to be my guru of management! I’ll use [his advice] to coach other managers too, and help them improve their confidence and performance.

Janet Kyle Altman, Marketing Principal, Kaufman Rossin


I have no doubt that everyone took something away from Bruce’s presentation that they can use to improve their performance.

Joel A. Cooperman, CPA, CEO, Citrin Cooperman



Bruce Tulgan… addresses the fundamentals of management which are undervalued in most companies today but essential to the successful operation of our complex businesses. Our highly integrated products demand accurate data, complete communication, concise direction, and timely decision making from typically segmented teams and systems.

Larry A. Lawson, Chief Executive Officer and President of Spirit AeroSystems, Inc.



Bravo! You delighted our audience and delivered an outstanding performance, such valuable information with such entertaining style.

Amy Omang Huber, Meeting Planning Consultant, American Staffing Association


Your presentation was absolutely outstanding! Several people told me you were the BEST Keynote Speaker we have ever had!

Jan Woodman, Executive Director, The New England Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association


Unlike many “management gurus”, Bruce is an engaging and entertaining presenter. He makes his case with storytelling and humor.

Michael Ryan, President, Connecticut Broadcasters Association



At CBR, we were suffering from an under-management epidemic brought on by promoting from within and not providing management training.  Management is basic work, but hard work.  We applied Bruce’s principles of Management 101 to rapidly turn our organization into a focused execution machine. Whether you are an experienced manager or taking on your first direct reports, whether you are trying to be a better manager or improve an entire organizations ability to manage and execute, Bruce [is who] you need.

Geoffrey Crouse, CEO and President, Cord Blood Registry (fmr.)


Bruce had a powerful impact on our leadership team.

Greg Lucier, Chairman and CEO, NuVasive; CEO Invitrogen (fmr.)


Bruce takes the essential but often overwhelming responsibility of getting work done through others and breaks it into understandable, common sense steps that work for the new manager and seasoned manager equally as well.

DJ Zarnick, Vice President, Human Resources, The Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine, Inc.



Guaranteed to provoke and challenge the thinking managers and employees in companies of all sizes and industries.

Michael D. Parker, CEO, Dow Chemical (fmr.)



Bruce Tulgan’s research and findings provide a blueprint for managers in the intelligence community to tackle problems and fully engage their employees. I highly recommend [him] to all—not just managers, or those thinking about moving into management positions—because [he] provides effective, step-by-step solutions to the most common and enduring management challenges.

Kristin Bertelli, Chief, Workforce Strategy and Planning, Central Intelligence Agency


Your presentation was one of the BEST presentations I’ve seen in my entire Agency career.

James L. Pavitt, Deputy Director of Operations (1999-2004), Central Intelligence Agency



I use Bruce’s “Back to Basics” principles in managing my direct reports and am a big supporter of his work. I plan to incorporate [his work] in our new foreman training manual.

George Wilson, Chairman, President, Barriere Construction

Like Studs Terkel before him, Bruce Tulgan was educated as a lawyer, but discovered his real passion in the study of how people work and manage. Bruce brings that passion to life…and reminds us that Management 101 is easy to understand in theory, but easy to forget on Monday mornings.

Hank Harris, Chairman, FMI Corporation



Bruce held our partners spellbound for two and a half hours.

Graham Baragwanath, Managing Partner, Deloitte Consulting Canada (fmr.)


Bruce Tulgan is a leader on the [generational] subject. His clear tips provide anyone in a supervisory position with the data they need to engage, develop, and retain Millennial employees.

Beverly Kaye, Coauthor of the Best-Selling Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em: Getting Good People to Stay


To bridge the gap between Gen Z and their supervisors, managers, leaders, and executives and create a collaborative workforce, [Bruce provides] both groups with specific skills sets through exercises and concepts.

Steve Hanamura, President, Hanamura Consulting, Inc.; Consultant, Speaker and Author


Bruce Tulgan has great solutions to the greatest business challenge in the new economy: recruiting and retaining the best talent.

Douglas McCracken, CEO, Deloitte Consulting (fmr.)


Bruce Tulgan artfully blends timely insights with innovative solutions from the world’s best companies and boils it down to what each individual manager – from top to bottom – should do right now to begin winning that war for talent…a whole new perspective.

Terrence R. Ozan, Group Managing Director, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young (Retired)


Consumer Products

[Bruce] proves that every company today is a new economy company. We all must compete in the free market for talent. Bruce Tulgan shows the way.

William R. Johnson, CEO, H.J. Heinz Company (1998-2013)



After listening to Bruce speak, I think every HR department should listen to his talks and read his books. The most refreshing views on attracting, retaining, and motivating talented team members that I have heard in a long time.

Dough Haugh, President, Parkland USA


Bruce magically mixes actual life examples with solid leadership principles.

Doug Sterbenz, EVP & COO Westar Energy (Retired); Present to Win, National Speaker and Leadership Coach


Many of our managers at Westar Energy have found a mentor in Bruce Tulgan. As we work as a company on raising the level of conversation between managers and employees, we found that Bruce’s message of “talk about the work” was particularly useful. After two visits and a series of weekly online messages, it’s quite commonplace at Westar for our leaders to reference Bruce Tulgan.

Diane Owen, Lead Training Rep, Westar Energy (2008-2015)



Like any other skill, managing people requires a mastery of the fundamentals. …Bruce Tulgan presents situations we all face and reminds us how to apply those fundamentals.

Arturo M. Hernandez (Art,) Director, HARMAN International


Financial Services

I’ve been a fan of Bruce and his work for over 15 years. Whether a new or a seasoned manager, Bruce offers step by step guidance and practical advice. Bruce really nails it.

Lorie Valle-Yañez, VP, Chief Diversity Officer, MassMutual Financial Group


What sets Bruce Tulgan’s work apart from other[s]… is that he provides real world advice for real world management challenges. …Keep [his advice] close at hand, and watch your management performance improve.

John Bissell, CEO, Greylock Federal Credit Union


Tulgan takes understanding and addressing challenges with ‘generational diversity AND inclusion’ to the next level. He is full of meaningful and effective strategies for getting the most out of this critical talent component.

Sue Unvarsky, Senior Vice President, Operations, Prudential Retirement


A practical, smart, easy to use guide to managing from one of the clearest thinkers in the field. Bruce has done it again, creating a must read compendium for handling the most common to the most vexing management challenges.

Alan Greene, EVP, Business Head, US Investment Services and Institutional Investor Services, State Street Corporation


We look forward to embracing and incorporating Bruce’s lessons on how to teach the missing basics in our leadership development program.

Steve Bell, EVP & Director, Human Resources, National Penn Bancshares (2013-2016)


Sometimes we forget that the simplest concepts are the most difficult to execute. Bruce presents great tools for the seasoned executive and the newest boss in the organization!

William S. Thompson, CEO, PIMCO (fmr.)


Your event was inspirational.

Mark Ebensteiner, Finance Manager, City of St. Louis Park



I just keep thinking, ‘It all makes sense now!’ Incredible insight into understanding the next generation of talent in today’s workforce. [Bruce] has forced me to think about how to restructure on-boarding and training efforts that will result in more successful and productive employees and teams.

Sheri Petrie, Training Manager, Human Resources, Henry M. Jackson Foundation


It was a pleasure having you come again to speak; we were challenged again to think through our strategy and commitment to attracting the best talent available. …You have a great talent and we count you among our leading resources in understanding the capabilities of today’s workforce.

James DeVito, currently Global Head, Discovery Sciences Chemistry, Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson


Bruce Tulgan offers down-to- earth, practicable and actionable answers. Tulgan identifies a critical issue plaguing many of today’s companies, and provides clear step-by-step instruction for teaching professionalism, critical thinking, and followership.

Gregg Edwards, Chief People Officer, Asante Health System


Bruce Tulgan… provides great insight, ideas and resources for a manager leading the new college graduates in the workforce. Adjusting to a regular schedule and leaving the freedom of college and youth is a challenge for many – they lack many soft skills. Bruce provides specifics to help the leader guide the new employee to learn key skills in the context of the work which helps them be successful without losing their desire to be unique.

Sue Hiser, Program Director, Leadership Development, Ohio Health


HOW you conduct yourself and get the work done will always trump technical skills. [Bruce] distills the HOW in a way that can truly transform performance. [He] is a wealth of information and on-point in speaking to an issue we need to harness in the workplace quickly.

Melissa Feck, Vice President, Human Resources, Health Care Association of New York State (2011-2016)


Traditional rules don’t apply in appealing to and engaging our extremely talented younger generation. [Bruce] is a valuable and practical resource for any manager who wants to effectively manage and motivate this important and ever-growing part of our workforce.

Andy Ajello, Senior Vice President of Diabetes & Obesity Sales, Novo Nordisk, Inc.


Our Nation could save billions in productivity losses and lawsuits resulting from poor management and employee disengagement if only it heeded the very practical step-by-step advice that Bruce Tulgan offers.

The Honorable Cari M. Dominguez, Chair, EEOC, United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (2001-2006).  Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Chief Talent and Diversity Officer, Loma Linda University Health


The training provided important management techniques that HJF managers could immediately incorporate into their daily responsibilities.

John Lowe, President, The Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine, Inc.


Bruce has taught many of us the importance of communicating with our workforce in a manner where workers know what is expected of them and managers provide regular feedback on how well those expectations are being met. Bruce helps us accomplish this more effectively with Millennials.

Thomas A. Cappello, CEO/Director, North Florida South Georgia VA Health System, 2007-2012


Higher Education

Managing employees well is a skill, not an art. Bruce Tulgan provides a clear guide to all the important techniques needed to be an effective manager.

Peter Cappelli, George W. Taylor Professor of Management, the Wharton School


He masterfully lays out the research as to what makes Gen Zers unique, why we should be excited to have them, and the most effective performance development strategies to motivate and bring out the best in them. The best part…is the hundreds of practical and adaptable lesson plans he provides to develop basic, yet vital interpersonal skills to help an early career professional become your strongest contributor.

Kristen Storey, Organizational Learning Director, Learning & Professional Development, University of Michigan


With extensive scripts and step-by-step lesson plans to improve what Tulgan calls the ‘missing basics,’ he provides everything a manager needs to turn a mediocre younger worker into a truly valued, key player.

Deborah Orlowski, Ph.D., Senior Learning Specialist, Learning and Professional Development, University of Michigan


Bruce Tulgan…speaks the truth and provides clear, concise management advice. [He] will become my guide for helping leaders at all levels manage their way to more effective organizations and get even better results.

Lisa Beutel, Ph.D , Executive Director,  Center for Leadership, University of Dayton


Too many managers are operating on autopilot—waiting for a crisis to happen before reacting. Bruce Tulgan rightly emphasizes critical fundamentals, especially around effective communication, that stop the vicious cycle of managing by crisis and then wondering why there’s not enough time to be an effective manager. Tulgan’s ‘high-structure, high substance’ model is golden.

Donald E. Gibson, Ph.D., Dean and Professor of Management, Charles F. Dolan School of Business, Fairfield University


We really appreciate the wonderful presentations that you give and the value that you bring to each group. And, your team is amazing and always kind and willing to help. Thank you!

Seleise Barrett, ACCC Managing Director, Kansas State University


Home Repair

These fundamentals are the basis for running an outstanding organization. Bruce Tulgan gives you the steps you need to develop a high performing organization.

Deb Dulsky, Chief Commercial Officer, HomeServe USA



Many managers lament that Millennials lack soft skills like professionalism or followership but then struggle with how to address the gap. Bruce Tulgan… offers detailed, practical training.

Alan Krezco, “The Artist formerly known as” Executive Vice President and General Counsel (Retired), The Hartford


Bruce covers a broad range of the most essential management topics regarding employee relations that will provide the beginner with a well-rounded set of skills and advice as well as refresh the skills of a seasoned manager. Based on the research of hundreds of thousands of managers, he provides practical, down-to-earth tips and tools for handling difficult situations.

Jill Kilroy AVP Learning & Development, Horace Mann Companies

Your time with us was much appreciated – many really positive comments regarding the talk you gave. You know it was effective when your material was the topic of conversation at dinner and into our second day with the group!

Eric Dahms, Regional Vice President of CA Large Group Business Development, Anthem, Inc.


Law Enforcement

Professionalism, critical thinking and followership are critical skills for today’s law enforcement professionals. Bruce provides common sense solutions for managers to develop these skills in themselves and their employees.

Colonel Craig Price, Superintendent, South Dakota Highway Patrol



[Bruce] exposes the root management problem, refreshingly admits that there is no easy fix, but then provides a nuanced advice that can be individually tailored by each manager. Like others in the field, Tulgan offers numerous management tips, but where Tulgan provides significant added value is in his distinguishing between the application of solid management practices that generate real and lasting results and merely going through the motions.

Steve Katz, Esq., Principal, Fish & Richardson


One of my partners, who cares deeply about being the best manager he can be, has been a fan of Bruce’s work for years. He practices Bruce’s techniques because, in his words, they are the most effective. Managing is a commitment, but one that delivers dividends daily. Bruce enthusiastically encourages us to invest the time and re-commit ourselves to our colleagues and ourselves. The tools are simple, the work hard, and the rewards great.

Jeffrey R. Katz, Esq., Partner, Ropes & Gray LLP



Managers and leaders will find Bruce’s work a valuable resource for how to engage and motivate a younger workforce.

Stephen Hampson, Director of Business Development, Hendrickson


Bruce goes beyond the commentary by providing practical guidance on how employers can work with their young talents to help them develop the soft skills they will require in order to reach their full potential.

Jack Dwyer, VP Human Resources and Administration, ASSA ABLOY, Inc.


Bruce has a remarkable ability to examine today’s important management issues and provide useful and ‘hands on’ tools to help every organization improve their leadership effectiveness. I really appreciate the unique insight… and will be able to use [it] to tackle this important challenge with our changing workforce.

Jon Morrison, President, WABCO, Americas


I have been to many 20-25 training classes in the past, and Bruce’s training was by FAR was the best one I have attended.

Clayton Dodge, Production Supervisor, Pelican Products Inc.


Everyone found Bruce to be very engaging and knowledgeable and the techniques he taught very practical. I am already hearing of supervisors and managers putting together “employee landscapes” and scheduling 1X1’s.

Shaun McConkey, Director of Operations, Pelican Products Inc.



Professionals across all industries will find Bruce’s analysis of Generation Y in the workplace spot-on. He dispels the myths and provides a fresh interpretation that makes sense to those of us who have already tried the more traditional approaches to engage, train, and retain these folks.

Samantha Downie, Vice President, People & Culture, SproutLoud Media Networks



Bruce Tulgan creates practical advice and solutions leaders can use to engage employees and deliver results. He understands the challenges modern managers face and, by helping them communicate more effectively, he prepares leaders to handle tough issues and help people achieve their highest level of performance.

Jennifer Russo, General Manager, Communications, Rio Tinto, Copper Group



Whether you have been managing people for 27 days or 27 years, Bruce’s research… will prove a practical and invaluable guide for meeting specific challenges and managing for success.

Ray Kotcher, Chairman & Senior Partner, Ketchum


You have been quoted hourly by at least one person around G/M ever since your presentation.

Rich Jernstedt, CEO, Golin/Harris International (Retired)


Real Estate

Bruce forces managers to ask ourselves what our job truly is, and then enumerates simple – though in no way simplistic – steps for us to take to do that job.  From CEO to line manager, we are all tasked with getting the best from those we serve as ‘boss’; by leaping over management ‘theory’ and diving into management ‘practice’, Bruce provides relevant signposts and weigh stations so that we can make sure we are doing all we can to support our charges in doing all they can.

Homer Robinson, President & CEO Kaiserman Company


Restaurant Chains

Thanks to Bruce, a management revolution has taken place at Joe’s Crab Shack.

Ray Blanchette, President and CEO, Au Bon Pain; President and CEO, Joe’s Crab Shack (2007-2015)


In the restaurant business, our brand is primarily delivered to every guest every time through our hourly teams, the millennial workforce. We’ve incorporated Bruce’s concepts and practices into our training materials and daily management practices.

Alan Palmieri, Co-Owner/Partner, Marlow’s Tavern


At a time when we all need to do more with less, getting what you need from your boss is more crtitical than ever. Tulgan provides a roadmap for engaging your boss in your work, getting clear direction, and ensuring you have the tools and feedback you need to be successful.

Laurie Burns, Chief Development Officer, Darden Restaurant Group


Our Franchise Convention in New York was our best one ever. Thank you for the great job you did with your presentation. You contributed greatly toward the success of our convention, and I received a lot of excellent feedback about your presentation. I am looking forward to the Boot Camps you are going to conduct with our team.

Ted M. Fowler, President & CEO, Golden Corral Corporation (1989-2015)


Bruce masterfully delivers a simple, transparent and powerful message about the fundamentals of management. I have always been a fan of Tulgan’s work and we frequently reference his teachings throughout our training and development.

Joe Mazany, President, Joe’s Crab Shack (fmr.)


Bruce pulls no punches, is immensely entertaining, and always leaves his audience better prepared to succeed as managers.

Joni Thomas Doolin, Founder & CEO, TDn2K; Founder & CEO People Report


I have been a big supporter of Bruce Tulgan ever since reading ‘It’s OK to Be the Boss.’ His continued focus on the basic fundamentals, the importance of one on ones and easy to understand examples is not only refreshing, but will yield results to those that use it.

Robert Werk, SVP Operations, CraftWorks Restaurants & Breweries (1995-2014)


Bruce Tulgan’s [style] is simple, yet relevant and practical in application. No matter how seasoned a manager is, [Bruce’s] principles will help fulfill the responsibilities of leadership in the most effective way possible.

Sharon McPherson, Director of Training, On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina


In his always-clear and insightful style, Bruce Tulgan puts forth practical and easy-to-follow solutions for the most common supervisory challenges facing all managers, regardless of industry.

Doug Gammon, Vice President of Human Resources & Training for Black Angus Steakhouses


Bruce’s message on how to create a high performing coaching culture was outstanding and left our team with a new paradigm for performance.

Nicole Bulman, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, Senior Director, Human Resources, Black Angus Steakhouse


At Chick-fil-A, we’ve always felt that those that lead must first serve.  Bruce… is a great reminder of how to serve well through managing well.  So many of today’s challenges in organizations can find their beginning and end in the same place:  people management.

Andy Lorenzen, Senior Director, Talent Development, Chick-fil-A, Inc.


In an era in which so much of the business teachings are focused solely on leadership, Bruce Tulgan makes it safe again to be a hands-on manager. [Bruce] presents a clear plan to become the manager who will help your team thrive.

Mike Archer, CEO, Houlihan’s Restaurants Inc.


The Houlihan’s event was a huge success…my sincere thanks for all you did to make that happen. The group unanimously agreed that Bruce was the icing on the cake and provided them with a lot of real insights and actions that can put to work immediately.

Betsy Murphy, PHR, Principal, Breakthrough Talent Solutions


It was absolutely 100% our pleasure to have you at our conference. Your message could not have been more aligned with our messaging throughout the conference, and the “chatter” after your keynote was unbelievably positive. Your coaching and responses to our team’s questions during the interactive part, I thought, were especially powerful and valuable for all.

Kristi Martin, President and COO, Ted’s Montana Grill



[Bruce] brings great insight for executives at any level in their company and any phase in their career. This is practical information you can use now to inform your strategies for moving forward and to impact the way you manage people and impact how you are managed as well.

Daniel Butler, VP Retail Operations, National Retail Federation


Based on decades of first hand interview research, Bruce’s coaching enabled our general managers and store managers to more easily and effectively communicate with, motivate and develop their line staff, notably improving overall shop performance.  His coaching will help owners & managers to connect authentically with staff overcoming the chronic misperception by staff that they are not seen or understood. This will enable a positive working atmosphere critical to growing your business.

Doug Bell, President, Supercuts Owners Association, Owner and Operator of 52 Supercuts (Retired)


Bruce will refocus you. His scholarly research and anecdotal style will make an immediate impact on developing talent.

Keith A. Hoogland, President, Family Video


Bruce Tulgan is the new Tom Peters.

Howard Jenkins, Chairman and CEO, Publix Super Markets, Inc. (fmr.)



Everyone is looking for a ‘magic formula’ when it comes to management and leadership. Too many answers are often provided in the form of style over substance. First and foremost, managers must accept the responsibility of leadership. Bruce Tulgan presents the missing substance to recognizing this responsibility.

Ted Sundquist, General Manager, Denver Broncos (2002-2008), author of Taking Your Team to the Top



Bruce Tulgan is a force of nature!

Doug Bonestroo, VP of Business Development, Agile Frameworks


I have been with CDW for 24 years and it is rare that everyone in the room raves about the speaker and asks for him/her to come back. You had a tremendous impact on our team – thank you. We will be reaching out to you in the next few weeks to discuss future engagements at CDW.

Maria Sullivan, Vice-President, Sales Capability, CDW


Bruce’s presence elevated the significance of our conference and your partnership ensured a successful event. Since the event, we’ve heard only accolades for the quality of your presentation. We look forward to working with you again in the future.

Kymberlee Dwinell, Director of Global Diversity & Inclusion, Northrop Grumman



In a large, complex organization, a culture of strong, highly engaged, and collaborative management is critical. There are not too many management challenges that are not addressed by Bruce Tulgan. Managers at all levels would be well served to know his work.

David Zaslav, President and CEO, Discovery Communications

Thank you for the tremendous job. The feedback was extraordinary and overwhelmingly positive.

Shawn L. Doyle, VP Learning & Development, Comcast University (1997-2003), President, New Light Learning & Development


U.S. Armed Forces

I am a huge fan of Bruce’s and the results of his work. If you want to be successful I strongly recommend you do it the ‘Tulgan way.’

General Dennis J. Reimer, Chief of Staff, United States Army (1995-1999)


Bruce Tulgan’s decades of exhaustive research, and the collected works that have resulted from it, have had a profound impact on how I lead.  He has put together action-oriented ideas that have genuine practical utility for leaders in any organization.  [His] ideas… comport perfectly with what I call “engaged leadership” and serve as the perfect antidote for what Bruce calls the “epidemic of under management” in America today.

Kevin J. Jacobsen, Brigadier General, United States Air Force


Your insightful remarks helped provide our military’s leaders with a much better understanding of the young men and women who comprise America’s superb armed forces.

Henry (Hugh) Shelton, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff 1997-2001


Bruce Tulgan will help you be a better employee – and an even better boss.

Brigadier General Greg Lengyel, United States Air Force


U.S. Department of State

We all appreciated your relentless stimulation and the really important points you drove home to our group.

Hon George P. Shultz, Secretary of State (1982-1989), United States of America