It’s Okay To Manage Your Boss

If you are like most employees, you answer to multiple bosses —some directly, and others indirectly. You are often pulled in different directions by these competing authority figures with competing interests and agendas. All of them have the ability to improve or worsen your daily work conditions, your chances of getting rewards, and your long term career prospects. And all of them are different.

Under these circumstances, you are the only one you can control. You can control your role and conduct in each of these relationships. You can control how you manage and how you get what you need from these relationships. You have no choice: If you want to survive, succeed, and prosper, you have to get really good at managing your bosses.

Why? The boss –at every level –is the most important person in the workplace today. On this there is widespread consensus: Study after study show that the relationship employees have with their bosses is the number one factor in the ability of employees to produce high quality work consistently, to feel good about work, to earn credit and flexible work conditions and greater rewards.

If you are looking for guidance on how to manage your boss, there are zillions of so-called experts out there who will be happy to provide it. The problem is that so much of the advice about “managing up” or “managing your boss” out there doesn’t tell the whole story. This book is written for people who want to be high-performers. In order to be a high performer in today’s workplace, you need to create high-engaged relationships with every boss –whether that boss is great, awful, or somewhere in between.

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“Tulgan’s management approach yields impressive results. I recommend It’s Okay to Manage Your Boss to anyone with a manager. And any boss would be well-served to have his or her direct reports read it too.”
John W. Lowe, president and CEO, The Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine, Inc.
“If you want to manage your career, be successful in your role, and have a great working relationship with your boss, Tulgan’s new book is a must read. Clear, insightful, and practical.”
Peter J Byloos, president, CR Bard Europe, the Middle East and Africa
“At a time when we all need to do more with less, getting what you need from your boss is more critical than ever. Tulgan provides a roadmap for engaging your boss in your work, getting clear direction, and ensuring you have the tools and feedback you need to be successful. A great follow-up to It’s Okay to Be the Boss.”
Laurie Burns, president, Bahama Breeze Island Grille
“Tulgan gives all employees-new ones as well as seasoned veterans-the tools necessary to manage their bosses. Anyone interested in developing their career will find practical and useful insights to improving the relationship with their boss.”
George H. Wilson Jr., president, Barriere Construction Co. LLC
“Tulgan has done it again: another recipe for success in the workplace. It’s Okay to Manage Your Boss will help you be a better employee-and an even better boss.”
Brigadier General Greg Lengyel, United States Air Force
It’s Okay to Manage Your Boss provides practical, relevant strategies you can use to create a successful partnership with your manager. A terrific follow-up to It’s Okay to Be the Boss. Now both manager and employee have effective tools to get the most from their relationship!”
Angela Hornsby, vice president human resources, Applebee’s Services Inc.
“Once again Tulgan tackles the myths in today’s under-managed workplace with practical and straightforward guidance. I have been a boss for nearly thirty years and I have not seen a more realistic and practical way to improve workplace relationships and career results. If you are-or want to be a high performer- read this book!”
Jon Morrison, president and general manager, Meritor WABCO Vehicle Control Systems
“Tulgan’s latest book presents insightful information and practical tips to help anyone successfully deal with under-management-a problem many employees encounter in corporations and organizations. In an engaging, clear, warm, and direct manner, Bruce presents common sense advice and a set of tools and ideas that empower self-management as well as ‘other’ management! A must read for anybody interested in professional growth.”
Tiane Mitchell Gordon, senior vice president, Office of Diversity & Inclusion, AOL, LLC
“Tulgan has a remarkable ability to translate complicated concepts into easily understood and actionable steps. His common sense approach coupled with his enthusiasm and ‘can do’ attitude give confidence to all who follow his work.”
Victoria Nolan, managing director, Yale Repertory Theatre, and deputy dean, Yale School of Drama