It’s Okay To Be The Boss

In his best-selling book, It’s Okay to Be the Boss, Bruce Tulgan puts his finger on the biggest problem in the workplace today–an under-management epidemic affecting managers at all levels of the organization and in all industries–and offers another way. His clear, step-by-step guide to becoming the strong manager employees need challenges bosses everywhere to: spell out expectations, tell employees exactly what to do and how to do it, monitor and measure performance constantly, correct failure quickly and reward success even more quickly. That’s how you set employees up for success and help them earn what they need.

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“Managing employees well is a skill, not an art. Bruce Tulgan provides a clear guide to all the important techniques needed to be an effective manager.”
Peter Cappelli, George W. Taylor Professor of Management, The Wharton School 
“I am a huge fan of Bruce’s and the results of his work. If you want to be successful, I strongly recommend you do it the “Tulgan way.” If you’re a manager this book is a must read.”
General Dennis J. Reimer (Ret.), Chief of Staff, United States Army (1995-1999)
“One of the best people management books I’ve read and a must for anyone who has the privilege and responsibility to manager others.”
Deborah Masten, VP and Director of Associate Development, J. C. Penney Company
“In an era in which so much of the business teachings are focused solely on leadership, Bruce Tulgan makes it safe again to be a hands-on manager. IT’S OKAY TO BE THE BOSS presents a clear plan to become the manager who will help your team thrive.”
Mike Archer, President, Applebee’s Services, Inc. 
“Sometimes we forget that the simplest concepts are the most difficult to execute. Bruce presents great tools for the seasoned executive and the newest “boss” in the organization!”
William S. Thompson, CEO, PIMCO
“Bruce Tulgan has written an incredibly important book. As a fast growing company we are continually asking people to take on new management challenges. This is the only book I’ve found that spells out what it means to be a manager and how to do it.”
Chris Glowacki, President, Plum TV
“Leaders and managers will find Tulgan’s ideas, models and insights extremely helpful in adjusting their supervisory practices to a workforce destined to be dominated by post Baby-Boomer generations.”
John B. Coduri, National Executive Director/CEO, Association of YMCA Professionals 
“Anyone with the desire to become a great boss will find here the inspiration, motivation, and empowerment not only to succeed but also to excel. Bruce Tulgan is a great teacher and coach with a positive and disciplined approach that builds the confidence and courage to take charge. Everyone benefits—boss, manager, and employee—but only if the boss knows/ it’s okay to be the boss.”
John Edward Sexton, President, New York University 
“IT’S OKAY TO BE THE BOSS is a very insightful work on how to manage people as individuals and achieve strong results. This common-sense approach will generate high levels of commitment and increase productivity and should be required reading for anyone who manages other people.”
Ted Fowler, President and CEO, Golden Corral Corporation
“The powerful ideas in this book have helped us make one of the best accounting firms in the world even better. Bruce Tulgan understands what it’s like to manage people in the real world and his advice works. His words make leaders stronger and more effective. His back-to-basics message is a wake up call for leaders in every industry or profession.”
Carl R. George, CEO, Clifton Gunderson LLP