The Great Generational Shift: Update 2018

For decades, demographers and workforce planners have been anticipating a transformation in the workforce, a trend that we at RainmakerThinking call The Great Generational Shift. For more than 20 years, we have been tracking this process as it reshapes what it means to have a job and go to work. Our 2018 white paper presents our latest data on this powerful demographic transition, which is not only a shift in the generational makeup of the workforce, but an epochal turning point in attitudes and practices. This is the final stage of a historic period of profound global change, and there is a corresponding transformation in the very fundamentals of the employer-employee relationship. The Great Generational Shift presents a whole new set of challenges for employers, employees, and managers at all levels.

This white paper details our most up-to-date findings from our ongoing Generational Shift study, including data we’ve collected from more than 200,000 managers and tens of thousands of non-managers, as well as internal data and management practices reviews from more than 400 different organizations reflecting input from millions of employees since 1993.

Click here to download a free .PDF copy of the white paper.