The Great Generational Shift: Update 2018

For decades, demographers and workforce planners have been anticipating a transformation in the workforce, a trend that we at RainmakerThinking call The Great Generational Shift. For more than 20 years, we have been tracking this process as it reshapes what it means to have a job and go to work. Our 2018 white paper presents [more]

Not Everyone Gets a Trophy, Revised & Updated

The first edition of Not Everyone Gets A Trophy proved to be wildly useful to managers who lead the young workforce—many consider the book required reading for every leader. To continue bridging the gap between generations within any industry, Bruce Tulgan pushes his original concept further in this Revised and Updated edition with new research [more]

Bridging the Soft Skills Gap: How to Teach the Missing Basics to Today’s Young Talent

Bruce Tulgan’s next book on Millennials in the workplace, Bridging the Soft Skills Gap, is out now from Wiley/Jossey-Bass.          For bulk orders, please email or call 203.772.2002   The number one challenge with today’s young talent is a problem hiding in plain sight:  The ever-widening “Soft Skills Gap.” Today’s newest new young [more]

The 27 Challenges Managers Face: Step-by-Step Solutions to (Nearly) All of Your Management Problems

All Management Problems Solved in One Book???!!” 

Managing people is harder now than ever before. What can a real manager in the real world actually do in the face of today’s daunting challenges? Here’s your chance to find out!  [more] 

It’s Okay To Be The Boss

In his best-selling book, It’s Okay to Be the Boss, Bruce Tulgan puts his finger on the biggest problem in the workplace today–an under-management epidemic affecting managers at all levels of the organization and in all industries–and offers another way. His clear, step-by-step guide to becoming the strong manager employees need challenges bosses everywhere to: spell out expectations, tell employees [more]

It’s Okay To Manage Your Boss

If you are like most employees, you answer to multiple bosses —some directly, and others indirectly. You are often pulled in different directions by these competing authority figures with competing interests and agendas. All of them have the ability to improve or worsen your daily work conditions, your chances of getting rewards, and your long term career prospects. And [more]

Winning the Talent Wars

In the “Gen X management bible” (Maxim), Bruce shares what he has learned and taught at the front lines of the war for talent, a war that many see as the single most important challenge business faces in the twenty-first century. Based on five years of research about the character and proclivities of the swelling free-agent labor force, Bruce [more]

FAST Feedback

Fast Feedback will transform the role of managers and dramatically improve the relationships between managers and their direct reports. Once a critical mass of your managers begin practicing FAST Feedback®, this behavior change will create a dynamic environment of ongoing results-oriented dialogue; build trust; increase productivity; accelerate turn-around time; and invigorate your corporate culture.         For bulk orders, [more]

Managing Generation X

The classic study of Generation X in the workplace, Managing Generation X shows employers how to tap this valuable, quirky labor pool. GenXers speak in verbatim interview narratives, offering their firsthand experiences as well as concrete advice on how to manage them. Tune in to the free-agent mindset that has swept across the entire workforce and gain [more]

Managing the Generation Mix

Welcome to the Generational Shift™. Schwarzkopfers are streaming out of the workplace. Baby Boomers are redefining aging and retirement. Gen Xers are the new generation of leaders, and Gen Yers are the fastest growing workforce segment. How do you become an expert leader of multi-generational teams when everyone has finally realized that job security is a [more]

Performance Under Pressure

Everyone in the workplace is under stress –including your employees. The good news is that, with training, employees can learn how to work well under pressure. This practical pocket guide for managers will teach you how to channel stress to enhance your own performance and the performance of those you manage. The book presents new and proven [more]

HOT Management

Overworked employees are demanding more flexibility. Understaffed employers are demanding more and better work from employees. Those with supervisory responsibility are stuck in the middle trying to negotiate these competing needs. How can managers reconcile these opposite forces? What can they do every day to get more work and better work out of each person [more]

Recruiting the Workforce of the Future

Learn how to develop and implement hiring solutions, whether in a lean, post-downsizing organization or in the midst of a tight labor market. Employers should no longer recruit for the long term, but to get the job done today, tomorrow, and next week. The best practices outlined in this pocket guide are presented as keys and processes supplemented by worksheets [more]

Career Skills for the New Economy

The underlying assumption of Career Skills for the New Economy is that, in the new economy, individuals will have to be extremely good at fending for themselves if they are to survive and succeed. The most successful people will position themselves as free agents and sell their skills and abilities on the open market. Even those who work [more]

Managing Anger in the Workplace

We’ve all dealt with angry people, and we all know how it feels to be angry. Anger, however, is not necessarily a negative emotion. Anger often signals important data about relationships, resources, circumstances, or procedures that are in need of improvement. Recognize the costs and benefits of anger in your workplace, diagnose and identify sources of anger, and learn to deal with anger [more]

Video Training Materials

27-minute It’s Okay to Be the Boss™ training video on DVD

Based on Bruce Tulgan’s best-selling book, IT’S OKAY TO BE THE BOSS, this 27-minute training video on DVD is available through our alliance with Media Partners. Click here to visit their website and read more about this product, WATCH A FREE PREVIEW, purchase or rent the DVD, or order a FREE 7 day preview.



29-minute Not Everyone Gets a Trophy™ training video on DVD

Based on Bruce Tulgan’s best-selling book, NOT EVERYONE GETS A TROPHY, this 29-minute training video on DVD is available through our alliance with Media Partners. Click here to visit their website and read more about this product, WATCH A FREE PREVIEW, purchase or rent the DVD, or order a FREE 7 day preview.



Printed Training Materials

It’s Okay to Be the Boss™ printed training materials

Based on Bruce Tulgan’s best-selling book, IT’S OKAY TO BE THE BOSS, the Facilitator’s Guide Set and Participant Workbook are available through Wiley: Click here to learn more about the Facilitator’s Guide Set Click here to learn more about the Participant Workbook   If you have any questions or would like more information about our programs or [more]